Capturing the Glow Best Shots for Every Maternity Photographer


Expecting a new baby is one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life. Maternity photography provides a beautiful way to capture the glowing excitement and anticipation of this special period. A well-planned maternity photoshoot can produce stunning, memorable images that parents will cherish forever. This blog post outlines a comprehensive checklist for maternity photographers to ensure they capture all the essential shots. Whether you’re an expectant mother, a new parent, or a professional photographer, this guide will help you create unforgettable maternity photos.

Essential Shots for Every Maternity Photographer

Maternity Portraits

Capturing classic and artistic maternity portraits is a must for any maternity photographer. These portraits focus solely on the mother-to-be, highlighting her natural beauty and the growing life inside her. Proper lighting is crucial for these shots. Soft, natural light helps create a serene and gentle atmosphere, while studio lighting allows for more controlled and dramatic effects. Posing is also essential—simple, elegant poses often work best to showcase the baby bump and the mother’s glowing expression.

Couple and Family Shots

Including partners and family members in maternity photos adds depth and emotion to the shoot. These shots can showcase the strong bonds and shared excitement of the family. Creative posing is key here. Consider poses where the partner embraces the mother-to-be from behind, or where older siblings interact with the baby bump. These compositions highlight the connections between family members and add warmth to the photographs.

Creative Themes and Settings

Outdoor Maternity Photography

Outdoor settings offer a natural, scenic backdrop for maternity photos. The beauty of nature enhances the overall feel of the shoot. Consider locations like parks, beaches, or botanical gardens for their picturesque environments. Natural lighting is another advantage of outdoor shoots. The golden hour, just after sunrise or before sunset, provides soft, flattering light that adds a magical touch to the photos.

Studio Maternity Photography

Studio setups offer the benefit of controlled lighting and customizable backgrounds. This allows photographers to experiment with different lighting techniques and props. Studio shoots can be particularly effective for more stylized and artistic shots. Consider incorporating props like flowers, fabrics, or themed backdrops to add visual interest and personality to the photos.

Details and Close-Ups

Baby Bump Close-Ups

Close-up shots of the baby bump are essential in any maternity photoshoot. These images focus on the central theme of the maternity session—the expectant life. Techniques like using a macro lens can help capture the intricate details of the baby bump. Including hands on the belly, whether the mother’s or the partner’s, adds a tender and intimate touch to these close-ups.

Focus on Emotions and Connections

Capturing genuine emotional moments between the expecting parents brings a heartfelt element to the shoot. Candid shots of laughter, shared glances, and gentle touches convey the love and anticipation felt by the parents. These candid moments can be directed but should remain as natural as possible to capture the authentic emotions of the couple.

Maternity Photography Poses and Posing Tips

Flattering Poses for Expecting Mothers

Making expecting mothers feel comfortable and confident during the shoot is essential. Flattering poses that highlight the baby bump while emphasizing the mother’s natural beauty work best. Encourage poses where the mother cradles her belly, stands in profile, or sits with her hands gently resting on her stomach. Adjustments like softening the shoulders and elongating the neck can enhance the overall look of the photos.

Interactive and Playful Poses

Interactive and playful poses add a fun and joyous element to the maternity session. Encourage the couple to interact with each other, creating a dynamic and lively atmosphere. Ideas include the partner playfully kissing the baby bump, or the couple engaging in a shared activity like reading or playing music. Involving older siblings in these interactive poses can also create memorable and endearing moments.

Editing and Presentation

Editing Techniques for Maternity Photos

Editing plays a significant role in enhancing maternity photos. Tools like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop offer powerful features for retouching and enhancing images. Aim to maintain a natural and timeless look while editing. Adjusting lighting, contrast, and color balance can significantly improve the final result. However, avoid over-editing, as it can detract from the authenticity of the photos.

Presentation and Delivery of Maternity Photos

Presenting and delivering the final photos is the last step in the process. Consider offering various formats to cater to different preferences. Digital formats allow for easy sharing and online storage, while physical prints and albums provide tangible keepsakes. Personalized photo albums can be a great option, as they allow parents to relive the entire maternity experience through beautifully arranged images.


In conclusion, a well-executed maternity photoshoot can capture the beauty, excitement, and anticipation of expecting a new life. By following this comprehensive checklist, photographers can ensure they cover all the essential shots and create memorable and cherished maternity photos. Whether you’re an expectant mother, a new parent, or a professional photographer, use these tips to create stunning maternity photoshoots that will be treasured for a lifetime. If you need further assistance or want to refine your style, consider booking a call with a professional stylist. Happy shooting!